These Random People Are About To Make A Song Together, And They Have No Idea How Good It Will Be


Matt and Adam of Mashd N Kutcher (MnK), an Australian music duo, create killer mashups and perform all over Australia — from Melbourne to Sydney to Brisbane and beyond.

Recently, they took to the streets to record a mashup featuring random people who were willing to play a quick beat on a keyboard, or sing anything into a microphone.

"There's the music industry, and the artists that are known to people, but there's also so much undiscovered talent out there just waiting to be found," MnK tells A Plus in an email. 

This collaborative project then turns into a really cool song.


First, Mashd N Kutcher went into a store, and had the cashier play a few notes.

Easy enough.

Next, this guy put in his two cents.

But when the YouTubers couldn't find anyone to sing, they stopped a jogger and asked him to help out.

And whaddya know, this guy turned out to be the real deal.

Hence, the title of the video: "WHEN U COLLAB WITH RANDOM PEOPLE IN PUBLIC. (and one of them is actually amazing...)."

On this spontaneous form of collaboration, MnK says that sometimes, if people's passions or talents are too rehearsed, "it can sometimes lack that little bit of adrenalin and magic that happens in a spontaneous situation."

Now watch what happens when everything is put together:

Voilà, a song.

Additionally, MnK tells A Plus their live tours are all about "bringing something different." The duo comes from various backgrounds; one, a metal drummer, the other a classical pianist. "So injecting those skills into electronic music definitely brings something different to the table," they say.

"At the end of the day we're a couple of young guys from Australia who both have a serious passion for music, and expressing our creativity, and we're both super fortunate to do it as a full time job. Ah, who are we kidding, it's not a job. It's life."

Find more from Mashd N Kutcher on their YouTube channelFacebookTwitter, and Instagram accounts. Additionally, be sure to check out their first single, "Do It Now."

(H/T: Reddit)

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