Mascot Tries To Mess With A Security Guy, But Then The Guy Pulls Some Sick Dance Moves

Just watch and learn.

So we all know the rule. You do not mess with security guys. Be it a bouncer at a club or an airport security officer, you just do not do that. They are cooler than you and have badges to prove it.

But Orbit, the mascot of the Houston Astros just doesn't seem to get it. And as the title of this video suggests, he gets properly schooled. 


Orbit tries to mess with a security guy. Luckily for him, this one just laughs.

He then heads to the security guy #2.

This mascot is clearly looking for trouble...

... but then THIS happens.

Wait... what?!

That's how you do it, Orbit. Watch and learn.

Check out the entire dance below. It's really quite something.

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The video was shot this summer, but it's trending just now. In all fairness, this guy's moves are timeless.  


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