Team Of Explorers Sacrifice Drones For Amazing Footage Of Volcano

"A glimpse into the center of the earth."

What happens when you mix a few brave souls, a couple drones and a super active volcano cone?


You get some really, genuinely incredible footage.

In order to do this, explorer Sam Cossman and his crew traveled to the Marum Crater in Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific.

"It's like a glimpse into the center of the Earth," Cossman says.

It certainly is. The drones were able to capture some amazing footage.

In addition to the footage captured, Cossman was able to use the photographs taken to render a 3D model of the crater.

Although no life can form within liquid lava, the team was also able to test the cooled down rocks surrounding the crater for microbial life, to study how quickly it can form.

You can watch the team explore the Marum Crater below.


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