Harlem-Based Popper Performs On Board A Tram Gliding Over A NYC Sunrise

Super cool.

Harlem-based Popper Martina "Android" Heimann says after moving from Germany to New York City, she felt creatively inspired.

"What I love in New York, is that you can find art on the street. that's the reason why I really came here... I come from East Germany... I didn't have any freestyle around me," Heimann explains in a video interview for "The New Yorker." "There was no b-boy on the street, or like somebody playing the guitar. When you're here, you [get art] for free. It's inspiring."


"The New Yorker" explains that the pop and lock, a dance move, is actually a compilation of two different types of dancing: the lock and the pop. 

On the one hand, a "lock" occurs when a dancer in motion freezes unexpectedly, holds that pose, and then continues on, whereas a "pop" happens when the dancer "rapidly contracts and releases the muscles of her neck, her arms, her legs, or her core," Sky Dylan-Robbins writes for the publication.

Cue Heimann, trained in ballet and modern dance, who is also a popper.

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In March and April of this year, Heimann starred in "FLEXN," a dance performance at the New York City Armory

The New York Times called it "jaw-dropping," and said that Heimann was a dancer "not to be messed with."

In her recent performance for The New Yorker, Heimann shows off her moves, as the Roosevelt Island Tram glides over a NYC sunrise.

Together, her moves and the atmosphere make for an aesthetically pleasing performance you'll want to watch over and over again:

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