Pro Surfer Sacrifices Victory To Make A Paralyzed Man's Dream Come True

Better than any trophies.

Meet Martín Passeri and Nicolás Gallegos. Martín (left) is a famous Argentinian surfer with 20 years of experience. Nicolás (right) also dreamt of becoming a pro surfer, but his life took a different turn.


Gallegos' hopes were shattered at 18-years-old when he got into an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. But thanks to Passeri, Nicolás got a second chance.

The two met during the national Argentine Surf Championship. The competition could've lead Passeri, a 5-time champion already, to ultimate career heights. 

But when his name was called to head to the water, he saw Gallegos watching, and decided to do something totally different instead.

Passeri sacrificed his place at the competition in order to make Gallegos' dream of catching a wave come true.

According to Surfology's video, Passeri was disqualified from the competition, but he didn't have a single regret.

"The truth is that I didn't lose. I believe that was the best wave and the biggest triumph of my life," he told ESPN in the video.

According to a post on Passeri's Facebook wall, he and Nicolás Gallegos have become life-long friends and has learned a lot from him. Gallegos explained in the video that now he sees his friend is more than just a champion: He's a really good guy.

Watch the full video below.

(H/T: USA Today)

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