This Is How It Would Look If Regular People Were Superheroes

We can be heroes.

Growing up, most kids dream of meeting their favorite superheroes in real life. They look forward to shaking their hand, maybe trying on their cape or going for a little villain hunt across town.

And while we're pretty sure now that superheroes don't exist (or at least they don't exist in their comic book forms), what it would it be like if they did? And what if you found out that your larger-than-life childhood idol had developed some real-life vices in their old age?

Dubai-based photographer Martin Beck brings iconic characters out of the strip and into reality with his series "We Can Be Heroes."


Beck reimagined superheroes as ordinary people living simple lives, doing their day-to-day chores and caring for their families.

So whether it's Captain America eating at a local deli or the Flash buying party supplies, there's really nothing stereotypically heroic about them.

Beck wittily refers to his subjects as the "folks who feel they didn’t quite make it at the superhero school."

According to the photographer, he wanted to humanize these extraordinary characters and show there's a hero hidden in each of us.

"Despite our flaws and failures, each of us, in our own way, can be heroes to our family, friends, colleagues and we all have the potential to help others," Beck told A Plus.

All of his models have very different backgrounds and come from a variety of countries, like Kazakhstan, Lebanon, and Sri Lanka.

Demonstrating diversity was kind of Beck's goal. "My heroes are regular people not restricted by race, religion or beliefs. They live among us, they surround us, and they are everywhere," Beck said.

Have you been heroic today?


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