This NFL Player Went On Home-Shopping TV To Sell Skittles And It's Funny

"Y'all need to taste the rainbow."

It is extremely obvious that Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks is obsessed with Skittles. The NFL champion running back sported Skittles shoes, had a Skittles press conference and jumped backwards into an end zone of Skittles. But this time, he did something bigger: he went on television-shopping network EVINE Live to sell Skittles.


Lynch arrived on the EVINE Live set to sell his favorite snack.

"How ya doing today, Daddy?" the host said to Lynch when he arrived. "We couldn't talk about Skittles without talking about you."

EVINE Live was selling an entire 36-pack of Skittles for as low as $14.86 for the deal.

"You get the whole brick," Lynch said about the Skittles deal.

The host asked Lynch to compare his relationship with Skittles to an actual human relationship.

"We intimate," Lynch responded.

The host handed off a box of Skittles to Lynch like a football.

"Slide it right in," Lynch said when the host gave him a box. He also added that the box would sit on his stomach "because that's where most of them go."

EVINE Live then determined how many packs of Skittles it takes to reach Lynch’s height. The answer …

12 packs of Skittles = 1 Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch also devoured a handful of Skittles while selling them on the air. The host added that she includes Skittles with dishes like hot dogs, chili and ice cream.

"Y'all need to taste the rainbow," Lynch said as a selling point for people to buy the Skittles.

And move over Super Bowl ring … Marshawn Lynch just got some new bling.

Click here to watch the entire video:


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