This NFL Player Is Obsessed With Skittles –– And His Biggest Dream Just Came True.

His dream come true.

Marshawn Lynch may not be a fan of press conferences, but the running back for the Seattle Seahawks has always been open about his love for Skittles. 

Recently, Lynch appeared on Conan O'Brien's talk show and the pair discussed his past notable experiences surrounding Skittles like getting fined for wearing custom-made Skittles designed cleats and for having Skittles on him at his last encounter with O'Brien. 


Lynch's love for Skittles is also shown with the Skittles press conference he participated in, all while munching on Skittles placed in a big jar right in front of him. This was especially entertaining since Lynch has notoriously expressed his distaste for press conferences. 

With this Skittles information in hand, O'Brien thought of the perfect way to please Lynch. 

O'Brien excitedly relayed to Lynch that since he is "famous for jumping backwards into the end zone," the best and obvious idea would be to have Lynch jump backwards into an end zone of Skittles. 

Lynch's smile tells us he enjoyed every minute of it.


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