Couples Share Their Top Wedding Regrets, Showing How Priorities Can Change After Marriage

Those priorities are probably not what you think.

While a wedding only lasts a day, the decisions that go into it can last a lifetime. As much as a couple loved their wedding in the moment, they may feel differently a few years later (especially if they're still paying off the tab). 


To learn more about what married couples would change about their wedding day if they had the chance, Dana Rebecca Designs, a fine jewelry company, surveyed 2,000 people who tied the knot in or after 2010. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed —  76 percent — admitted there were things about their wedding they would have changed. Women, in particular, were 21 percent more likely to say they wished certain things were different. Nearly half of people, 43 percent, had flat-out regrets.

For many, the biggest 'I do' redos related to the budget.

 Of the top five spending regrets gleaned by the survey, respondents wished they'd spent more money on the honeymoon, their wedding rings, and a talented photographer. On the flip side, many regretted how much they'd spent on the wedding dress and the invitation. Interestingly, this shows a shift in couples' priorities from the material items that seemed so important on the big day to the more experiential items — like their actual marriage — that lasted long after the celebration.  

Respondents also agreed that superfluous details, like bridal party gifts, a rehearsal dinner, and even a wedding planner, were unnecessary expenses. Instead, 50 percent said they would've saved that money for the future.

While many couples wished they'd spent less on their actual wedding, nearly half of respondents (47 percent) stated they should have enjoyed their wedding more. Interestingly, 41 percent of people wished they invited more people to the party while another 41 percent wished they invited less. The remaining 18 percent wished they invited different people, which could have helped them enjoy their wedding more.

Weddings can put a lot of stress on couples, but survey says ... love conquers all. A majority of people (58 percent) said that, despite feeling stressed at their wedding, they still were able to enjoy it. In fact, 72 percent of those surveyed described their wedding as one of the best days of their life. Best of all, 90 percent of people agreed that the good parts of their wedding day outweighed the regrettable parts. 

So if you're planning a wedding, don't sweat (or splurge on) the small stuff — and even if you do, make sure you're able to take a honeymoon to unwind and look back on years later. 

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