7 Proposals That Went Horribly Wrong

#5 is a true nightmare.

You've been planning it for months. You've got the perfect ring. You've practiced your speech in the mirror. All of her friends are super excited for you. Even her dad offered his begrudging permission. You're going to ask her to marry you and the world has never seemed so bright.

So you propose to the woman of your dreams, the one.

And then Fortune steps in and raises her hand to crush your dreams... or at least make them more interesting. 

There are no guarantees in love and no matter how much courage you gather or how well you think you know your significant other, you can never be really sure that everything you've planned won't simply be derailed.

But take heart: love requires courage above all else. And you have to give it to these people: they had plenty of courage.


1. He certainly swept her off her feet.

Actually, this one turned out okay. See the original video here

2. Not an ukulele fan, I'm guessing.

3. Ouch. Just... ouch.

4. The "no" heard 'round the world.

5. Well... at least you have it on video.

6. What's up with proposing in the mall, though?

7. That's a "maybe."

We wish all the parties involved in these scenes the very best in luck and love. Sometimes a rejection is the best thing that can happen to us: everything that works out springs from something else that didn't work out. Sometimes the bumps in the road make us better navigators.

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