Marks & Spencer Launches 'Easy Dressing' For Kids Who Are Differently-Abled

We’ve made dressing quick, comfortable and practical."

For most people, getting dressed in the morning simply requires putting in the mental energy to choose the right outfit that fits your style, the occasion, and the weather. Most of us take for granted the fact that it is doable, and oftentimes, easy to put on these clothes without assistance. But for others who are differently-abled, getting dressed in the morning comes with a host of challenges. Fortunately, there are a few clothing brands — such as Tommy Hilfiger and IZ Adaptive — that are creating fashionable, functional, and affordable garments that are adaptive for people with special needs.  

Yet, a gap in the market still remains. UNICEF estimates there are 93 million kids with disabilities in the world, but report that the "numbers could be much higher." For these children, finding adaptive wear can be particularly hard. 

That's why parents are thrilled to see that Marks & Spencer has launched the kids "Easy Dressing" range. Marks & Spencer Kidswear designer Rebecca Garner explained that the range came after parents contacted the retailer saying there was a void in the market for children who are differently-abled

“Parents passionately told us that disabilities don’t define their children so the adaptations shouldn’t define their clothes," she said. "It’s why all the products are inclusively designed and modeled closely on our main collection."

For example, a dress in the core line might have sequins while the adaptive range would have softer glitter to cater to kids with sensory needs. Garner also makes it clear that parents shopping the "Easy Dressing" range will never pay more than the main line. 

The British high street brand explained on its website, "We've created a special range of clothes adapted for children who need extra help – whether they have feeding tubes or simply need clothes that are easy to put on and super-gentle on sensitive skin – to help make dressing easier, quicker, more comfortable – and more fun!"

The debut of the "Easy Dressing" range includes boys, girls and unisex options with sizes catering to newborns up to teenagers. It includes t-shirts, leggings, button-down shirts, coats, onesies, dresses and sleepsuits.

Dr. John Chang, consultant pediatrician at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, was an advisor for designers creating the range. He helped ensure the clothing would be practical for children. 

 This is so helpful M&S," stated a pleased parent. "I've bought a few things for my son and they're working really well."

One dad said, "I find [the] vests brilliant as my son has a peg tube."

"You are fantastic for helping us parents and children out like this," wrote a Facebook user.

"Great to get the onesies in a larger size. Helps us at nighttime," commented a mom.

The brand is also listening to feedback from commenters who are looking for shoes and an adult range.


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