Mark Wahlberg Goes Undercover On Social Media To Respond To Fans’ Comments

"Will is a sweet, sweet man."

In GQ magazine's latest installment of its Actually Me series, Mark Wahlberg goes undercover on the internet to respond to people across various social platforms. Celebrities who've participated in the past include Cara Delevingne, Nick Jonas, and John Cena.

Wahlberg begins by going undercover on Twitter, where he answers one person's question regarding his strength. "Can Mark Wahlberg actually do one-armed pull-ups tho? [sic] I need to know," the Twitter user asks. 


Wahlberg responds directly on Twitter, explaining that he can do a couple, but he can't "do like 50 straight one-armed pull-ups without cracking a sweat or having my voice change at all like Dusty did in Daddy's Home." Daddy's Home, of course, refers to Wahlberg's new movie where he co-stars with Will Ferrell. 

Wahlberg then takes to Instagram, where one person has commented on a photo of Wahlberg with Ferrell. where he clears up some things regarding Ferrell. "Your grandpa looks good wearing that green quilted coat in the first picture," the Instagram user says, referring to Ferrell.

"Will is a sweet, sweet man," Wahlberg responds. "He still hasn't invited me to his house for dinner, but he's still kind enough to work with me. Now three times. So maybe one day I'll get that invite."

Throughout the remainder of the video, Wahlberg discusses topics like Pulp Fiction, his singing chops, and whether or not he's actually friends with rapper Eminem. 

You can check out all this and more in the full video below:


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