Mark Ruffalo Has His Nips Out Because He Wants You To Know Something Important


As part of the #InTheNipOfTime campaign, guys everywhere are getting out their man nips.


In order to raise awareness about male breast cancer (and cancer in general), Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter with his nearly two million followers to share an important message.

He is supporting the group called @OneForTheBoys, who have released a number of videos encouraging men of all ages to check yourself and see a doctor. said that in 2013, "Of the approximate 40,420 deaths from breast cancer this year, an estimated 450 of them will be men."

Other forms of this disease, such as prostate cancer, are also a possibility as men age.

According to the CDC, "6 or 7 out of every 100 men who are 60 years old today will get prostate cancer by the age of 70."

So get checked and don't be afraid to discuss it.


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