Mark Hamill Channels An Unexpected 'Star Wars' Character To Surprise Fans

Just in time for May the Fourth.

Just in time for Star Wars Day, actor Mark Hamill staged an exciting surprise for fans of the franchise. 

In a new video, Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy and in the upcoming Last Jedi, pranks people as they act out iconic scenes from the films. John Boyega did something similar last month, and Hamill's version is just as smile-inducing, especially considering the various methods the actor uses to join in on the fans' performances.

At one point, Hamill even dons a Darth Vader mask and does his best James Earl Jones impression to act out the famous "Luke, I am your father" scene, with the perfect twist.


Later, Hamill pulls his hood over his face during a recreation of the final scene in The Force Awakens. "That came with a hand. Did you bring that too, Natalie?" he jokingly asks the fan holding out Luke's lightsaber when he finally reveals himself.

The prank is promoting this year's Force for Change campaign with Omaze, in which fans can donate money for a chance at several prizes, including a spot on the red carpet at the Last Jedi premiere. Hamill also announced a bonus prize — lunch with him in Los Angeles, plus two tickets to a pre-screening of the new film. Donations support UNICEF and Starlight Children's Foundation.

See every adorable surprise in the video below:


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