This Guitarist Was Born Without Arms, But That Hasn’t Stopped His Musical Passion

“It didn’t dawn on me that I was supposed to feel different from other people.”

Mark Goffeney can play you a soulful tune on the guitar. But not with his hands. You see, Goffeney was born without arms.


Initially, his parents encouraged him to play the trombone, because they thought that might be an instrument he might be able to play with his feet in the school orchestra. Goffeney, though, simply wasn't very passionate about it.

He explained to the Huffington Post that he just wasn’t into music that featured trombones.

"The music I was listening to was more guitar-driven," he said. "I would play trombone at school, but then come home and listen to The Eagles or Kiss." So he began honing his skills on the guitar. 

Even though he, or any other person, may deal with a "limitation," he feels as though it is their responsibility to get their music out. Listen to the magic he can create and learn more about Goffeney in the video below. 

You can also find out more about his band, Big Toe, here.


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