Is Marisa Tomei 'Empire's' Next Big Villain?

If she's coming for the Lyons, she better come prepared.

Empire is one part Behind the Music, one part family drama, and about three parts The Taraji P. Henson Show. This combination works so well, it made Empire one of the most successful shows of the decade. But as season two approaches, creator Lee Daniels has to find a way to keep that momentum going. One solution: bring in a new antagonist. Could Marisa Tomei be Empire's new villain? Last year, Lucious Lyon was undoubtedly the character viewers loved to hate the most. But he may have finally met his match.

Deadline describes Tomei's character, Mimi Whiteman, as "a demanding venture capitalist who becomes involved in Lyon family drama. A Forbes list billionairess, Mimi is a lover of hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion and beautiful women." With Lucious behind bars at the top of season two, it makes sense that his competitors would start homing in on his business. Empire is worth millions now that the IPO went through, and it sounds like Mimi's got her eye on the company. The question is, will Andre, Jamal, or Hakeem work with her? And remember, one Lyon may be temporarily out of play, but Cookie is definitely not going to give up anything that belongs to her without a serious battle.

Sounds like Empire season 2 just got very interesting.


Image credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube; Michael Lavine/FOX


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