This Pregnant Supermodel Is Posing Nude In A Tub To Make A Very Important Statement


Marisa Miller, supermodel and mother, is taking a stand to end cruelty against orca whales. 


After watching "Blackfish," a documentary that stirred up much discussion about whales exhibited at SeaWorld, the supermodel posed nude in a bathtub for a campaign, raising awareness about the animals' poor treatment. 

In a behind-the-scenes video interview, Miller explains why she is posing in a bathtub, and her motivation for participating in the cause:

"I think any mother knows the sense of protection and connection you have with your baby, and one of the most intense parts of watching that movie ["Blackfish'] was how these mothers and babies are separated," she says.

Though you might not know it, orcas are extremely emotional, social beings, and care for their young for up to two years. In fact, orca whales may even be more emotionally developed than humans. 

According to One Green Planet, MRI scans show the area of the brain that deals with emotions is larger in an orca's brain than in humans'. So just imagine what it must be like for captured orcas, taken from their calves and pod. 

And to add insult to injury, whales in captivity are kept virtually immobile in small tanks, unlike wild orcas who can travel up to 100 miles a day

"Where they live is equivalent to [humans] living in a bathtub," adds Miller, who is also pregnant with her second child.

In "6 Ways You Can Help Save Captive Killer Whales Right Now," author David Kirby suggests lobbying the government, and connecting with other like-minded people to help save the orcas.

Additionally, you can support Whale and Dolphin Conservation, an organization aimed at protecting the world's whale and dolphin population, and putting an end to whaling and captivity. Through their website, you can even adopt an orca, including one named Fife — a whale who has never met his sister, and has been held captive by SeaWorld since 1987.

Hopefully, Miller's advertisement will change one person's mind about supporting whales in captivity, but just raising awareness is also enough. 

Because it's a start.

Watch the full video below:

(H/T: DesignTAXI)

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