Famous French Actress Pronounces The Most Ridiculous Phrases — Proves Everything Sounds Better In French

Speak French to me.

Say hello to Marion Cotillard.


The French actress, best known for her role in Inception, recently appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote her new movie Macbeth.

But she ended up doing more than that. 

With a little help from Colbert, she also proved  — once and for all — that things sound way more intriguing when spoken in French.

"I'd like to say things that are completely mundane in English, and see how sexy and profound and intriguing they sound in French," Colbert tells her in the video. "Would you do that with me?"

And Cotillard sure does. 

Oh boy, we could listen to her talking about great deals on denim jackets all day.

Make sure to watch the entire video below.


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