This Marine Surprised His Dad With The Best Christmas Present — Himself

"We are so very proud of the young man he has become. He has a heart of gold."

They say, "Good things come in small packages," but the best things may come in surprise packages. 

It certainly did when a young marine, Bryce Honea, gave his dad, Byron Honea, the best — and most unexpected — Christmas present ever: himself. 


Conspiring with his stepmom Ashley Honea for months, the duo somehow managed to keep his visit under wraps for months. As the below video shows, Ashley walked into the room, distracting Byron with regular presents, while Bryce snuck in behind. 

Byron was so stunned at his sudden appearance, he could barely comprehend what was happening, much less move. Not to worry, Bryce reached down and embraced him in a long-overdue hug. "He [Byron] raised Bryce (our Marine) as a single dad from the age 8 on. They were always together until right out of high school Bryce chose to join the Marines," Ashley Honea wrote in an accompanying Facebook post. "We hadn't seen him in over a year because of training." 

"He was shocked because Bryce had told him he wouldn't be home for Christmas because they were sending him off for more training before he gets deployed. We haven't seen him since last Christmas but he will luckily get to come home this Christmas," Honea added. "We are so very proud of the young man he has become. He has a heart of gold." 


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