Video Shows The Moment A Marine Caught A Baby Thrown From A House Fire

The marine has chosen to remain anonymous, but his actions are not going unnoticed.

When a house fire broke out in an apartment complex in South Carolina, there were eight units affected.  A mother and her 11-month-old son lived in one of those units. 

With the flames quickly engulfing the building, and the mom and child on the second floor, she threw her baby to safety into the arms of a hero marine neighbor waiting down below.


NBC video footage posted on June 7 shows the incredible moment the neighbor caught the child.

After the child is thrown from the building, it's reported that the mother herself jumped out the window, according to witness Ben Phillips.

The good news is that the mom and child are doing OK. The mom and child suffered minor injuries from exiting through the second floor window, but they were treated by emergency medical services (EMS) and were doing well. The baby is said to have a few scratches and bruises from being caught over bushes according to Assistant Fire Chief Michael Guest from the Anderson Fire Department.

 Another woman involved in the fire was treated for burns on her feet.

A cat, dog and a turtle were also rescued. 

The man who saved the baby has been identified as a Marine but has chosen to remain anonymous. The Independent Mail reported that he didn't desire any praise for his actions. Guest told Ken Ruinard of the Independent Mail, the man "who would have done what anyone else would have done."

Even though he has chosen to remain anonymous his actions haven't gone unnoticed, nor will they likely be forgotten by those involved in the situation.

(H/T: Love What Matters)

Cover image via  EmiliaUngur I Shutterstock


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