Marine Returning Home To Meet His Baby For The First Time Has The Best Reaction

His family's sign read, "Out of my way! I meet my daddy today!"

When U.S. Marine Cpl. Brandon Crespo returned home after a six-month deployment, he had someone new waiting for him — his newborn son Noah Reign Crespo.

Noah was born on June 13, 2018 while his dad was deployed so he never had a chance to meet him. And that made this homecoming all the more special.


In an emotional video taken on the day, Crespo's wife, Francis, is seen with Noah holding a sign that reads "Out of my way! I meet my daddy today!"

When the marines are dismissed at their Jacksonville, N.C. base, Crespo runs towards his partner and baby. 

Before he makes it to them, he begins to break down in tears and drops his hat.

The video shows Cpl. Crespo holding his son for the first time and kissing his wife. After their bonding moment, the rest of his family comes to welcome him home.

It's one of many military welcome home videos that gives people a glimpse of what it's like for military families to be separated. It follows sentimental videos including a marine surprising his dad on Christmas and a 4-year-old being surprised by her military dad on Ellen.

They all tell different stories, but the thing they have in common is that they'll have everybody crying by the end.

(H/T: PopSugar)

Cover image via Africa Studio / Shutterstock


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