This Artist Isn't Crying Over Spilt Coffee, But She's Certainly Making Art From It

Very cool.

If you're a coffee drinker at all, you understand the literal and figurative pain that comes with the inevitable spillage. Whether it gets on your clothes or something important left lying on a table, it's always a mess. 

Like the rest of us, it happened to artist Maria A. Aristidou. But unlike the rest of us, it turned out to be revelatory moment of sorts for her art, and thus began her unusual, fascinating "coffee art."


Aristidou creates illustrations of familiar pop culture icons and images from coffee, such as this famous portrait of the Afghan girl that stunned the world.

Or this well-known photograph of a genius.

It first started when Aristidou accidentally knocked over a cup of latte once when she was making art. 

"I was working on another commission using watercolors, when all the sudden, I spilled all over the drawing," she told NPR, adding that she stopped to take a look at the spill instead of instinctually moving to wipe it up. 

"The accidental spill, the shade of coffee and how it got absorbed in the paper fascinated me," she said.

Since the latte accident, Aristidou has been painting whole images with coffee. She told NPR that painting with coffee allows her more control than with watercolor paint.

See more of her extraordinary artwork here:


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