Margot Robbie And Chris Hemsworth Face Off On 'Ellen' To See Who's The Best Aussie

Don't miss their "Crocodile Dundee" impressions.

What's better than one Aussie on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Two Aussies, of course! Both Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth joined the host for a rousing game of "Ellen's Australian Boxers" to find out who, among them, is the best Aussie — well, second to Portia de Rossi, obviously.


Margot and Hemsworth came out pumped up to answer Australian trivia questions. They emerged from backstage to the Men at Work song "Down Under" while wearing oversized boxing gloves and kangaroo onesies with a little joey in the pouch. It may perhaps be the most Aussie thing that has ever happened … at least over here in America.

DeGeneres starts out by asking the two to name an Olivia Newton-John song — after noting how same-sex marriage recently became legal in Australia. The I, Tonya star was quick to respond with "Physical." Next up, DeGeneres asked which show Robbie had appeared on alongside Liam Hemsworth and, by a hair, the Thor: Ragnarok star rang in with The Elephant Princess. Then came a tricky one: Where was Big Little Lies star Nicole Kidman was born? While she is an Aussie through and through, Kidman was actually born in Honolulu.

Things soon fly off the handlebars and hilarity ensues. Robbie is forced to choose between the Hemsworth brothers while Hemsworth is asked where he lives. Both do their best Crocodile Dundee impression and, after a few more questions, we have a winner. You'll have to watch below to find out who took home the big prize: a jar of Vegemite.

Watch the Aussie showdown between Robbie and Hemsworth here:

Cover image via Michael Rozman / Warner Bros.


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