Margot Robbie Had The Best Reaction When She Found Out Who Was Interviewing Her

"What is going on right now?"

Actress Margot Robbie got the sweetest surprise during a recent MTV Australia interview for her new movie Peter Rabbit. She had no idea the person asking the questions would be none other than her younger brother, Cameron Robbie ā€” and she had the best reaction when she saw him walk in.


"Oh my God!" she shouted when he sat down, and couldn't seem to stop smiling. "What are you doing? Shut up! What is going on right now?" Cameron, meanwhile, jokingly told her to remain professional.

Margot informed her co-star and fellow interviewee Elizabeth Debicki that he was her brother, and Debicki remarked, "You guys look really similar."

"This is so crazy," Margot continued, still looking shocked. "You're an interviewer on MTV." And as it turns out, it wasn't just a one-time thing. According to BuzzFeed, Cameron really does have a job reporting entertainment news for MTV Australia. 

Of course, Cameron had to add a little brotherly teasing to his interview questions, saying he "noticed a lot of real-life correlations" between Margot and her character, the rabbit Flopsy, calling her "airy and dim-witted," and asking, "Do you think that was an intentional casting choice?"

According to People, Cameron previously teased his sister during the recent Academy Awards, posting the hashtag #imstillmumsfavouriteiguess on Instagram when she lost Best Actress to Frances McDormand. However, he also said he was "proud" to see her presenting during the show.

We're delighted that the siblings were so happy to see each other, especially back home in Australia.


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