Margot Robbie Is Here To Teach Us Some Aussie Slang We Never Knew We Needed

Fair ... dinkum?

We in New York know a lot of slang terms, like fuggedaboutit, grilling someone, rachet and so many other fun words.


However, most of us have never been to Australia.

So it's a good thing actress Margot Robbie is here to tell us about some Aussie slang terms we can put to use when we finally make it down unda. 

These might take some getting used to, though, as we have no idea how to incorporate "fair dinkum" into a conversation ... yet.

Patience, we'll get there. Here are some easy ones to get you started.

Hard yakka: A hard worker.

Fanny: Your front bum ... if you're a girl. Not be confused with your back bum.

Ute: Pickup truck.

Durry: Cigarette

We'll let Margot take it from here.


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