5 Quotes About Fashion, Beauty And Embracing Your Awkwardness From It Girl Margaret Zhang

"Knowing how you look and being okay with it."

Margaret Zhang is an Australian writer, stylist, photographer, creative director, and wildly popular in the fashion blogosphere — not to mention she's got 783 thousand followers on Instagram.

That said, Zhang knows a thing or two about working in the industry, understanding your own personal style and convictions, and knowing that beauty standards are certainly not standard for everyone.

In a recent video interview for Allure Magazine, Zhang opens up about her "style philosophy," providing viewers with insight as to why it's important to accept yourself for who you are, ignore "fix-all" beauty solutions, and feel beautiful in your skin.

Here are our favorite takeaway quotes that you can use as daily affirmations whenever you're feeling down. 


1. "Beauty for me is comfort — just feeling comfortable in your own skin ... Knowing how you look and being okay with it."

2. "There are so many strange beauty standards in society, like all this makeup, and contouring, and having the right products and stuff. [But] it's like one thing doesn't work for everybody. There's no fix-all, there's no Band-Aid solution."

3. "It's okay to have flaws ... Take stuff as it is and stop thinking about the very nitty-gritty, tiny things."

4. "Don't sweat the small stuff."

5. "Embrace being awkward. I think the worst part about being awkward is when you feel awkward about being awkward, and you're self-conscious about being awkward."

Check out Zhang's full interview in the video below:


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