Watch Margaret Cho Talk About Her New Music Album And Reclaiming The Word 'Fat'

"The way into the conversation is perfectly rock and roll."


Sitting in a blue-washed room decorated with artwork, two dogs rustled at out feet, scoping out the scene for our sit-down interview with comedian, actress, activist, and musician, Margaret Cho.

At the time, Cho was set to release her latest music album, American Myth, featuring songs like "Come With Me" and "Anna Nicole," the latter a tribute to Cho's late friend.

But before performing two songs with singer-songwriter Garrison Starr in her living room, Cho discussed various topics with A Plus, including music, comedy, body positivity, beauty, and more. 

When asked why comedy and music are good platforms to bring light to larger, important issues, Cho says:

"The way into the conversation is perfectly rock and roll. It's perfectly comedy. It's an art form that addresses what is uncomfortable about the human experience." 

Cho also revealed her stance on the term "plus size," giving a compelling reason why she doesn't identify with the label, and why she opts to use the word "fat" instead. 

Watch our exclusive interview with Cho above to hear her speak more on that topic and others. 


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