7 Mardi Gras Moments That Show You What Your Friend Group Is Made Of

Let the good times roll.

Mardi Gras is one of the biggest parties of the year. But It's also a test to see if your friends have what it takes to be there for you through thick and thin — and to be wonderfully entertaining along the way.

Here are seven Mardi Gras moments that show you what your friend group is made of.


1. How festively they dress up when they show up at your place.

Mardi Gras is all about the costumes. It's like Halloween, except for adults. The more your friends dress up for Mardi Gras, the more fun they're bound to have with you. 

2. How creative they are with their masks.

Most people will buy any old Mardi Gras mask at the costume store, but your friends will design their own. Just add a little glue and some glitter, and they're all set.

3. How they get their pets involved.

Anyone can persuade their pals to celebrate Mardi Gras, but it's even better if they can find a way to involve their favorite four-legged friend, too. 

4. How they collect beads from past Mardi Gras parties.

The moments you'll always remember with your friends at Mardi Gras are collecting the beads. Some people just throw them away post-party, but forward-thinkers hold on to those joyous memories by saving beads for future events.

5. How they show off their cool dance moves.

Having friends who know how to dance (or at least have fun doing it) is a basic requirement. But the real test is just how into it they get. If your friends can dance with abandon at Mardi Gras, you know they're keepers.

6. How they respond to last call.

Whether they're celebrating Mardi Gras at a low-key house party with you or at a popular restaurant like TGI Fridays, friends that shout "I'll have one more!" right before last call are real troopers. Extra credit if they follow up with an order of The Big Hurricane, one of the most popular drinks in New Orleans.

7. How they share every Mardi Gras moment with you.

The best friends you'll ever have are the ones who share everything with you — secrets, appetizers, the last dance. You'll always remember Mardi Gras with friends who know how to include you in the fun. So snap some selfies and turn the music up. Together, you're going to have a ball.

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