Young Scientist Brilliantly Explains The Evidence Linking Vaccines To Autism

Well, that settles it.

For almost 20 years, anti-vaccine advocates have claimed that vaccines cause autism, while medical professionals and an enormous amount of scientific research have shown that they do not. Though there doesn't seem to be any reason to keep debating this issue, some people refuse to let it go.

Marco Arturo, a young man at the beginning of his scientific career, decided to tackle the issue head on, claiming that not only do vaccines cause autism, but he had a folder full of rock-solid evidence to prove it. 

As he goes through his papers one by one, the evidence is hard to deny. The contents of his pages are very telling, and he saves the best for last. 

Check out the video below:


And there you have it. 

Even when anti-vaccination groups have funded the studies themselves, they were unable to prove any link between vaccines and autism, so any claims of bias can be completely disregarded. 

Unless a doctor tells you not to, vaccinate your kids!

(H/T: A Science Enthusiast)


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