Scope It Out: Lifestyle Tips For Your March Horoscope

Live your best life this month.


Scope it Out is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Each month, we take a lighthearted approach to horoscopes, and provide lifestyle advice based on each zodiac sign to optimize the positivity in your month.

OK, we know horoscopes don't exactly have the science community's blessing, but they're so fun to read! Plus, there's something to be said for the placebo effect: Sometimes just believing you will have a better month is all you need to actually have a better month. We sifted through horoscopes for March for each zodiac sign to help you plan for the month ahead. 

Based on that information, we have some tips, tricks, and products that may just enhance your lifestyle if these predictions come to fruition. 

Scroll through this sign-by-sign guide for lifestyle tips based on your horoscope:


Maria DeSimone at says: "You may notice plenty of rumblings in your professional life as the month begins. This is typically one of your best cycles to launch a new business, reach for a promotion, or set your sights on achieving a major goal. The universe however, has a plan for you that might try your patience. Although it is a great time to begin anything new connected to your career this month, at the same time, you'll need every ounce of endurance to see it through."

We recommend: It's time to really focus on your career and make headway toward your goals. Get organized with the perfect planner, ideally one that's so beautiful you won't forget to use it. You should also invest in a travel mug you love because we sense you'll need a lot of coffee (or tea!) this month. Stay motivated, but don't forget to find time to relax. If you're too overworked, you won't be on your A game. Try burning a stress relief candle, moisturizing with a deliciously scented lotion, and do some cathartic coloring at least once a week. 


Astrostyle says: "Aim to please! Service with a smile is your overarching theme this month, Aries. Your sensitivity becomes heightened, and you're best off applying this extra-tenderness constructively by helping others — just don't forget to give yourself a little extra TLC." 

We recommend: Go the extra mile for a loved one this March. See something they need help with? Offer without being asked first. Also, make sure to give credit where credit is due. Compliment a coworker, send out a thank you note to someone who deserves it, and make sure to tip extra for really great service. 

As far as personal TLC goes, give yourself a well deserved spa treatment. After a long bath, put on some clean pajamas and comfy slippers. Apply an exfoliating face mask and a fresh coat of nail polish. When all is said and dried, hop into your freshly washed sheets and top yourself off with a glass of champagne for a month well done. 


Astrostyle says: "Branch out and connect with your tribe, Taurus. March is filled with a parade of planets in Pisces, your eleventh house of teamwork, technology and togetherness. Whether it's through social media or IRL, the spotlight is on your collaborations and alliances. March also features two powerful eclipses—at both the new and full moon — that will reshuffle your social circles and ignite a healthy new lifestyle. The tide is high, Bull, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride!" 

We recommend: This month is all about friendship and collaboration. Focus your energy on strengthening relationships you already have and building new ones. Make an effort to reach out to old friends you haven't spoken to in awhile and think up some group projects you'd love to accomplish. 

Whether it's catching a spinning class, hosting a wine night, or starting a book club, find ways to bring your friends together. 


Astrostyle says: "Slay, Gemini, slay! You're on a mission to turn your grandest goals into a tangible (and profitable) reality this month. Big changes could be coming to your career, Gemini! Even if you remain status quo with your job this is no time to coast. Set your sights on a supersized goal and pursue it — the world is your oyster." 

We recommend: If there was ever a time to have no chill when it comes to your career, it's now. Put in 110 percent into everything you do and be sure to find solutions to any inefficiencies you notice. If there's a project you've been wanting to launch, go for it. 

To meet all your professional goals, you'll want to stock up on versatile tops, comfortable shoes, and lots and lots of coffee. Since you're going to be spending so much time with your laptop, you may also want to get a case you won't get sick of looking at. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "You might feel a surge of motivation to get healthier or to work through a seemingly insurmountable project this month. On March 5, Mars will move into your 6th house, which is the part of your chart connected to assignments, your daily routine, and health. As a result you're likely to feel all fired up to blast through any impossible deadline, push yourself harder at the gym, or take on that intimidating task of cleaning out your basement or closets. You might even organize your office in order to make everything you do more efficient."

We recommend: Health is on the horizon this month, which means being mindful about what you put in your body and making sure you're getting a decent workout. Try taking a new fitness class at the beginning of the month. If you hate it, try another one. Also, make an effort to bring your lunch to work as many days a week as you can manage. That means investing in some solid tupperware and scheduling time for meal prep. Your body (and your wallet) will thank you later! 


Maria DeSimone at says: "Your love and sex life are about to heat up! For now you can enjoy more action in your love life than you might have had recently. This will be a great time to focus more on playing again with the heart of a carefree child. If you're single, why not take a risk and accept a date with someone who takes you outside your comfort zone? You never know where it might lead!" 

We recommend: Get down with your bad self! Romance is in the air. Indulge and don't be afraid to try something new. Regardless of whether you're in a relationship or not, go on spontaneous dates, buy some new lingerie, and enjoy your love life. 

Oh, and don't you dare worry about being the one who texts first. This month is your month. Take advantage of it. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "Matters around your home and family life are about to become quite hectic. Perhaps you and a relative will argue more about an issue that has been brewing for quite some time. If so, this is likely to connect with a major rift in your moral perspective on the situation. Instead of wasting your breath trying to get your family member to agree with your view, do your best to respect any differences and move on from there."

We recommend: You're gonna wanna do your best to keep your cool this month. Practicing yoga and meditation can be a huge help with that. 

If things are going to be stressful with your family, you should turn to another loved one to help keep you clear-headed. Listen to what they have to say and thank them for their advice in your time of need. 


Astrostyle says: "Get ready for a bustling, action-packed month, Libra. There won't be much time for rest, so you'll want to stick closely to your priorities. Make a plan and follow it, Libra, and be wary of divergence. As much as your conflict-averse sign hates to say no, it's time to start practicing. An opposition between the new moon and overconfident Jupiter could tempt you to take on more than you can handle, so don't get in over your head." 

We recommend: Just like Pisces, you're also going to want to invest in a planner. When you first wake up, spend five minutes writing out what you need to do that day, what you'd like to do, and what you just don't have time for. Schedule out each hour of your day and cross things off your check list as you go. If you are one to say yes to things you shouldn't say yes to, pick up Patti Breitman's book How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty: And Say Yes to More Time, and What Matters Most to You. You're bound to learn a thing or two. 

If you start to feel overwhelmed, stop what you're doing and dance it out. Everything feels better after some music and moving. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "Get ready for some potential financial aggravation. For one thing, it's quite possible that you'll have to navigate a few unexpected and frustrating expenses. By the same token however, you might realize that you're extra motivated to pursue any and all income opportunities that come your way. In fact, you're also likely to create one out of your sheer will and determination." 

We recommend: Pay special attention to how you spend your money this month. Be sure to keep a close eye on your bank account by downloading your bank's app. Don't waste a penny by keeping a cute coin purse on you at all times. If you're feeling motivated to make some extra cash, seek out some freelance opportunities and don't lose momentum. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "You'll have more energy and motivation to pursue goals than you have in almost two years. If there's a special someone you have your eye on then Mars will give you the courage you need to make the first move. One caveat! Be sure to begin anything important now because next month, Mars will retrograde and you'll be required to re-strategize whatever it is you've started. Next month will not be the time to begin anything new that requires incredible stamina to see through." 

We recommend: If there's a time to be bold, it's now. Throw all of your inhibitions to the wind. Go on that date you've been dreaming of. Try a lip color you've been to nervous to wear. Splurge on a Little Black Dress that fits you perfectly and some eye-catching shoes to go with it. Top it all off with some statement jewelry. 

And while you're feeling fierce, pick up Sophia Amoruso's book #GIRLBOSS to keep you feeling motivated and inspired. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "Are you feeling exhausted as the month begins? If so, it's a red flag for you to slow down and re-prioritize your goals. What deserves your dynamism and what, in your life, just stresses you out? Although you might not be able to change much just yet, this month you'll begin to identify the triggers behind your depleted energy. That's certainly a start."

We recommend: If you're feeling like your plate is a little too full, you're going to need to do some evaluating. Take stock of your emotions and figure out what's not working for you. Things may begin to seem a little less chaotic if you de-clutter your living space. Invest in some quality pillows and blankets and make your bed the place you want to be. Be sure to avoid your phone at bedtime and set an alarm for the latest time you could possibly wake up. The snooze button is not your friend. 


Maria DeSimone at says: "You'll feel ready to fight for any cause you believe in. In fact, you'll be so passionate about it this month that you'll have extraordinary potential to lead others down the path you know is right. On March 5, Mars will enter the area of your chart connected to large groups, humanitarian effort, and your greatest hopes and dreams. As a result, you can anticipate more passion to go after your most heartfelt desires. They are not likely to be purely selfish either — instead it appears that what drives you now is what will help the collective. Listen to the voice that stirs inside of you now because truly, you can make an incredible difference." 

We recommend: This month is all yours to make a difference. Consider the causes you care about and use your resources to make a difference. Volunteer. Write down all of your experiences so you can look back on how good it made you feel to fight for your cause. 

In addition, use the passion you're feeling this month to help drive personal projects you've been putting off. You'll need some creative outlets to get those innovative juices flowing. Whether that means scouring for a beautiful notebook to write in, picking up some new paints, or making an intriguing dish for dinner, use your down time to do things that feed your soul. 

And with that, make March your best month yet. 


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