13 Awesome Signs To Inspire You Before The March For Science This Weekend

"There is no planet B."

On the hunt for March for Science sign ideas? There's something to be said about attending a protest intended to defend knowledge, its pursuit, and its place in the public sector with a sign that is equally as clever as the Ph.Ds marching beside you. Whether you're taking part in the Washington D.C. March for Science on April 14 or participating in a sister march, consider the photos below inspiration for all your science-themed protest signs, placards and chants. We're sure that whatever you come up with will be just as impactful.

In the words of Bill Nye, may the facts be with you.


1. "What do we want?"

2. "Denying climate change makes it no less real."

Christopher Penler / Shutterstock.com

3. "There is no planet B."

Cate Matthews / A Plus

4. "Science is in our DNA."

5. "Science is the solution."

6. "You know things are messed up when librarians start marching."

Cate Matthews / A Plus

7. "Alternative facts are √-1 ."

8. "Science is real. Denial is deadly."

J. Bicking / Shutterstock.com

9. "Less invasions. More equations."

10. "We are all born scientists."

a katz / Shutterstock.

11. "Remember polio? I don't."

12. "I'm with her."

Tracey Carlos / Shutterstock.com

13. "I have faith in science."

a katz / Shutterstock.com


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