19 Mass Shooting Generation Kids Who Have Had Enough

"My future is in your hands."

In the days leading up to the March For Our Lives, publications speculated that the number of protesters in D.C. and across the country might exceed even the inaugural Women's March's turnout — which was itself believed to be the largest single-day demonstration in the United States.

Regardless of the final counts, many of the kids who took to the streets on Saturday seemed to understand the part they were playing in history. Signs reading "When your children act like leaders and your leaders act like children, you know change is coming" abounded at the March For Our Lives NYC.  

Kids ages 0 to 17 held their signs high as they joined their parents, their teachers, and their classmates in marching for gun control in cities across the United States. All are a part of what has become known as the "mass shooting generation": the generation of kids born after the Columbine shooting in 1999 who have had their school lives irrevocably shaped by fears of gun violence.

And all, it was clear, have had enough.


1. "Enough is enough! No more guns."

Cate Matthews / A Plus

2. "Fix this before I text my mom from under a desk."

3. "If not now, when?"

4. "Children are dying."

5. "Black lives matter."

Cate Matthews / A Plus.

6. "Black kids matter."

7. "I stand for gun control and I can barely stand!"

8. "Am I next?"

9. "NRA, go away!"

Cate Matthews / A Plus

10. No words necessary.

Cate Matthews / A Plus

11. "I'm only two. I'd rather be protesting nap time!"

12. "Students of color matter."

13. "No guns in the universe."

Cate Matthews / A Plus

14. "I want to feel safe at school."

15. "We stand with the students. Enough is enough."

16."We want learnings. We don't want shootings."

17. "My future is in your hands. My education matters."

18. "2031 voter."

Cate Matthews / A Plus

19. "Enough is enough."


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