Thousands March For Bernie Sanders For President In New York City

They're calling it a revolution.

Broadway, New York's famous thoroughfare, was shut down on Saturday as people marched down the street in support of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. Called the "March for Bernie," the event occurred simultaneously with marches in other major cities.

The New York primary isn't scheduled until late April, but, despite the earliness of the event and the cold, thousands of supporters flocked to the streets to demonstrate their resounding support.

"I feel like he's the only candidate that if you cast a vote for him, you're voting for him and what he stands for," said Julie Lishansky of New York to A Plus. She suggested that candidates who receive money from big businesses are more "indebted to them" and Sanders "represents the people who are behind him like the people who are here and donating five, ten dollars. We're not the big banks. We're not the big companies. We're the people."

"The big businesses that are donating money to the other candidates are indebted to them and that's who they represent when they are in office. He's representing the people who are behind him like the people who are here and donating five, ten dollars. We're not the big banks. We're not the big companies. We're the people."

Supporters met at Manhattan's Union Square for a rally before marching down Broadway. The march concluded at Zuccotti Park, the site of the Occupy Wall Street protest.


Steven Lerner/A Plus

Sophie Nevin traveled all the way from Seattle, Washington to attend the New York rally.

"I'm supporting Bernie because I grew up in a poverty-stricken area, and things like free health care and education were not available to me," Nevin told A Plus. "I want them to be available to the upcoming generations."

Steven Lerner/A Plus

As the supporters marched down Broadway, they chanted slogans like, "This is what democracy looks like," "Use our taxes to pay for health care, not maintain corporate welfare" and "Feel the Bern."

Steven Lerner/A Plus

For many of the attendees in the march, like April Kidwell of New York, their support for Bernie is deeply personal.

"I was raped four years ago. And when I was raped, they found the guy and they arrested him," she told A Plus. "And after I was raped, I received a pile of medical bills from my rape kit, from my ambulance, for the medication to make sure I didn't get an STD or pregnant by the man who raped me. I was pushed into poverty and crippling debt. My credit was destroyed and I lived with post traumatic stress disorder. A year ago, I tried to kill myself. And I got into Obamacare, and it helped because I was finally able to see a therapist. Then I got kicked off Obamacare. I'm supporting Bernie for everything that he stands for, but especially for his single-payer healthcare system, so that people like me, victims and survivors of rape, will not be abandoned by the system."

Steven Lerner/A Plus

The presentation of a quote in this article has been corrected to fit the speaker's intent.


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