TV Reporter's On-Air Response To A Passive Aggressive Letter From A Viewer Is Marvelous

"I don't need someone else telling me..."

In her 18-year career as a television reporter in Chicago, Marcella Raymond never received a typed letter in the mail quite like the one she recently did. The letter began with compliments such as calling Raymond an "excellent reporter."

However, the compliments turned sour as the anonymous writer said that she had "gained too much weight."

"Being heavier than you probably want to be does present a message to the viewer: this person is not able to discipline herself in a visual medium," the letter said.

The letter concluded that Raymond's management would notice her perceived weight gain and might terminate her because of it.

The 50-year-old WGN-TV reporter posted the letter on her Facebook page. She told viewers on the air that she posted the letter to "start a conversation on how rude some people can be."


Raymond finally responded to the "unbelievable" letter during a live WGN broadcast a few nights ago.

"I'm 50 years old, and I'm not going to look like I did when I was 23," Raymond said on television. "And I can't compete with those girls. And it's not feasible. You know, I can't do it. I would spend my entire life doing that and I have other, better important things to do. , I look at myself on TV and I go, 'I need to lose some weight. I'm my own worst critic. So I know I need to, and I'll do it eventually, but I don't need someone else telling me that and pointing out my flaws."

Raymond ended the television interview with a plea to end body-shaming, especially for little kids who might take it personally.

Her fellow reporters also showed their support for Raymond by sharing mean emails and tweets that they have received.


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