Former WWE Wrestler Brings Middle Schoolers To Tears To Teach Them A Powerful Lesson

"I finally get it, mom."

Marc Mero is a former amateur boxer, WWE wrestler and currently, a motivational speaker. One of his talks uploaded last December has gained a lot of attention and for good reason.

In the video above, Mero talks to an auditorium full of middle schoolers. He tells them how his mother always wanted the best for him, but that drugs, alcohol and bad friendships pushed him away from her. By the time he realized how much she meant to him, it was too late.

She passed away while he was abroad.

"How did I repay her? By getting drunk, by getting high, by getting stupid by hanging with losers," he tells the crowd.

As he speaks, middle schoolers in the audience begin to tear up. 

Mero spoke to the school as part of his program Champion of Choices, which presents talks like the one Mero performed to empower students to make healthy positive choices.

"Life isn't about winning the race," he says. "Life is about finishing the race and how many people we can help finish the race." 


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