His Son With Autism Only Liked One Type Of Cup. When It Was Discontinued, The Internet Helped Him Get A Lifetime Supply.

"It started with a tweet."

Since he was very young, 14-year-old Ben Carter's favorite cup was a Tommee Tippee blue cup. The teen from Devon, England, who has autism, has even been hospitalized for dehydration because he wouldn't drink from anything but his favorite blue cup. 

So, when his dad, Marc, found out that Tommee Tippee had discontinued Ben's beloved cup, he knew he had to do something to keep his son happy.


Carter took to social media to ask for help getting Ben more blue cups.

The dad-of-three posted requests on Twitter asking if people had any old cups that they would be able to send Ben. 

People heard Carter's heartfelt plea and the #CupForBen hashtag started to go viral. Strangers then took action and began sending in their old sippy cups to the family. 

The biggest news of all came when Tommee Tippee heard Ben's request and wanted to help out. Carter posted a video on YouTube announcing that Tommee Tippee had found the molds for the out-of-production cup and they were going to be giving Ben a lifetime supply.

"They told me that they'd managed to find the mold that makes Ben's little blue cup, and they want to make Ben as many cups as he needs."

After the response from kind strangers and Tommee Tippee, Carter took to Twitter to express how grateful he was and to stress how the smallest thing can make a difference, "It started with a tweet," he wrote, "Never underestimate the power and affect your words can have. Always use them carefully and make good things happen."

Check out the video of Carter reading some of the letters he's received in support of #CupforBen:

(H/T: People)


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