17 Hilarious Marathon Signs That Will Motivate (And Crack Up) Anyone Running By

Run, Forest, run!

The Boston Marathon is upon us, which means another crop of hilarious motivational signs will make their debut. 

We rounded up a few we saw from the beginnings of the race in Boston, Massachusetts, today, but also included signs from past runs. You know, for inspiration. 


1. The "Where R You All Going?" sign

2. The "wrong way" sign

3. The "throwing shade at opposing NFL teams" sign

4. The "I just wanted a sign" sign

5. The "it's a trap" sign

6. The "Dr. Seuss" sign

7. The "Christopher Walken" sign

8. The "priorities" sign

9. The "stop complaining" sign

10. The "at least you're honest" sign

11. The "I just farted" sign

12. The "this is not a parade?!" sign

13. The "anarchist" sign

14. The "I'm hungry, Mom" sign

15. The "'Breaking Bad' sign"

16. The "'Bridesmaids' reference" sign

17. The "being chased by cats" sign

Wait, wouldn't you stop to play with them?

Run strong, Boston!


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