Marathon Runner's Legs Gave Out, But She Didn't Need Them To Cross The Finish Line

Now that's dedication.

Hyvon Ngetich just set the bar high when it comes to reaching our goals.

The Kenyan runner had been in the lead for most of the Austin MarathonKEYETV reports, when suddenly her body gave out between miles 23 and 26. But that didn't stop her. 

Despite marathon workers offering her a wheelchair, Ngetich refused, and continued toward the finish line — crawling. And that's exactly how she finished the race, in 3rd place at that.

"For the last two kilometers, I don't remember," she told the station.

She received praise from race director John Conley, who called her determination an "honor."

Ngetich, on the other hand, just knew that's what she had to do.

"You have to keep going," she said.


For more of the story, head over to KEYETV.


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