Couples Are Ditching Honeymoons In Favor Of 'Manymoons'

“Today’s couples don’t want to sit on the same beach for 10 days straight."

Once the wedding is over, many newlyweds look forward to celebrating the next chapter in their life by going on a romantic vacation together. But some of today's couples are opting to go on "manymoons" instead of a traditional honeymoon. Rather than take off for two weeks to go on one big trip, they're planning a series of shorter getaways throughout their first year of marriage. 


"Today's couples don't want to sit on the same beach for 10 days straight. Often, they want to mix it up and yes, sip some cocktails in Tulum but at the same time, they want to take in the artists season in Prague," wedding planner Amy Shey Jacobs told Yahoo Lifestyle."It's easier to do that by taking shorter trips to more places."

Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

Roughly 82 percent percent of newlyweds are opting for two- to five-day getaways right after their weddings, The Knot's 2016 Romance Travel Study. The choice to go on a shorter trip right away is an attractive one for newlyweds who can't take off of work or have other expenses to worry about. 

"Couples can't get away from work when they want to anymore," Jacobs added. "The pressure doesn't comport with the traditional two-weeks-off-the-grid honeymoon. So, many moons allow for multiple long weekends away that couples can take when everyone else in the world turns off, too like holiday weekends."

To plan their manymoons, bride and grooms-to-be list out a few places they'd love to travel to and plan them for different times during the year. The choice ensures that they'll be relaxing and connecting with each other on a new adventure several times throughout the year. 

Because why stop at one honeymoon when you can have five to look forward to?

(H/T: Yahoo)


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