This Powerful Mannequin Challenge Video Takes On Racial Policing

A different kind of mannequin challenge.

Conceived within the walls of a humble high school classroom, the mannequin challenge is basking in internet fame as the likes of even Michelle Obama and the Cleveland Cavaliers take it on. But one particular mannequin challenge video is going viral for its powerful, crucial message. 

Aptly titled #BlackAndBlue, the video depicts police officers and African American citizens frozen in confrontational scenes as well as the ensuing protests against racial policing. Shared by actor, director and writer Simone Shepherd, the video, she alleged in her post, was removed by Facebook multiple times. "But I'll just keep reposting it," she wrote. 


"The mannequin challenge was something that was intended to be humorous and fun and drew everyone's attention and focus," Shepherd said. "I realized that it was important for me to use my platform not to just draw attention, like I normally do, for laughter, but also to bring awareness to important issues and for people not to forget."

The latest reposting of the video has racked up more than 1.2 million views on Facebook and a slew of praise for how powerful it is. 

Shepherd also told ATTN: that police brutality is a pressing issue in the African American community "no matter who gets into office."


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