This Man's Selfie Camera Caught A Very Unpleasant Act That'll Teach You To Be More Cautious In Large Crowds


Everyone knows large crowds can be dangerous. Not only is it super easy to get lost, people often get injured, asphyxiated and whatnot.

But when Diego Miño, a drummer in a band, went to see Pope Francis visiting Quito, the capital of Ecuador, he certainly wasn't expecting to experience what he did.

Nearly 1 million people gathered in city's Bicentennial Park to see the Pope deliver an outdoor mass. Miño was in the crowd recording a video of himself using a GoPro camera attached to a selfie stick when he accidentally captured a man stealing his phone directly from the front pocket of his pants.

Scroll down to see how it all went down.


So here is Miño maneuvering through the crowd, trying to get closer to the stage. Nothing suspicious yet.

This is the moment when the pickpocket notices Miño and starts following him. Can you spot him?

The burglar doesn't let Miño out of sight even for a second, but the worst is yet to come.

Miño keeps on making his way through the crowd and so does the obnoxious pickpocket.

Just as he stops to look around, the man sneaks up to him and grabs the phone without Miño even noticing.

Diego Miño posted the video on July 8, but according to The Independentthe pickpocket hasn't been identified and caught yet. The footage proves how abrupt pickpocketing really is and reminds to be more cautious in public spaces and big gatherings.

Watch the full video below and see if you can capture the pickpocket red-handed.


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