His Wife Lost Her Memory In A Car Crash, So This Man Is Giving Her The Second Wedding Of Her Dreams

A real-life fairy tale.

It's a real-life version of "The Vow," a romantic drama based on a true story of a woman who lost her memory in a car accident and her husband who must win her back. But in this true story, the love is still there. It's just the bride's memory of her first wedding that isn't. 

Tennessee residents and childhood sweethearts Jeremy and Justice Stampler met when they were just 10 and 11 years old and truly had a fairy tale romance. But just 19 days after the childhood friends-turned-sweethearts wed, on August 20th 2014, Justice got into a near-fatal car crash. As she was about to make a left turn, at a dead stop, a car rear-ended her at 50 miles per hour. Thankfully, she survived and doctors diagnosed her with a concussion, but the impact on her skull had done more damage than they thought.

"About a month after the accident she finally came out and told me 'I don't want you to be mad or anything but I don't remember our wedding,'" Jeremy told A Plus in an email interview. "Instantly we both were crying but without hesitation I said 'don't worry about it, it is okay, we will do it again.'"

With doctors unsure if her memory will ever return, planning for the Stampler Wedding #2 commenced, to be held on the couples' one year anniversary. But there was one more obstacle in their way.



Jeremy wanted to give Justice the wedding of her dreams since this will be the only memory of a wedding she'll have. But to do so, he needed a little help. So the 21-year-old set up a GoFundMe account for his bride and set the goal at $5,000

"Please, I ask for whatever you can give to help me give my wife, Justice Stamper, the perfect wedding (again), that she will remember and we can move on in our lives," he wrote in the description. 

In under two months, the couple has surpassed their goal with a current total of $8,942. Although Jeremy started off the planning all on his own, businesses and vendors have also stepped in to give the groom a hand. 

Ultimately, Jeremy hopes the second wedding will trigger Justice's memory of their first wedding day. 

"If not then we have a wedding we can actually talk about and enjoy our lives knowing the same thing and actions of what happened in our wedding," he told A Plus. 

Justice, however, continues to look forward. 

"I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing his face when I come down the aisle," she told ABC. "That is the moment I want to see."


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