A Number Of People Were Asked To Remove A Nut From A Tube. None Of Them Could Outsmart An Ape.

Wisdom vs. knowledge.

Which is more important: knowledge or wisdom?

Belgian radio station Radio 1 conducted an interesting experiment to resolve the age-old debate and the results might surprise you.


"OBJECTIVE: Remove the nut from the tube."

The organizers gathered a number of people of all ages and presented them with a deceptively simple task: Remove a peanut from the bottom of an upright tube.

No one got off to a particularly promising start.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts, the participants were shown an orangutan's solution to the problem. Their reactions speak for themselves.

Watch this video to see the full experiment. Would you be able to solve it?

The video is actually a "back to school" commercial designed to outline the perceived flaws of the Belgian education system, and to start a discussion on whether people are learning the "right" things.

The commercial is encouraging solution-focused education, or education that teaches kids to solve problems creatively.

It also kind of offers the answer to that age-old debate. Which is more important: wisdom or knowledge? The truth is, we need both. Because if we're not teaching kids how to think, how will they know what to do with all that knowledge they've acquired?

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