The Only Thing Better Than This Man's 'Wheel Of Fortune' Winning Streak Is Pat Sajak's Underwhelmed Reaction

"Robert, what took you so long?"

Robert Santoli wowed the audience and the world when he solved the Wheel of Fortune puzzle "Port & Starboard" with just the letter "D." The only person he wasn't able to impress, however, was Pat Sajak. 

No matter how correctly or quickly Santoli guessed puzzle after puzzle, the one he could never solve was how to win the host's approval. As the game progressed, Sajak's responses of "Yeah, that's it" went from mildly amused to increasingly catatonic.


Sajak seemed to enjoy himself for a brief moment during the second puzzle when he quipped, "Robert, what took you so long?" Unfortunately, the afterglow from his joke wasn't enough to sustain Sajak, as he appeared #OverIt by the third puzzle. 

But unless you're as stone cold as Sajak, you'll be amazed by this one-man puzzle phenomenon: 

While Santoli didn't get a "Pat" on the back for his solving skills, this fortunate fella did walk away with more than $76,000 in cash and prizes. 

In the grand scheme of things, that's far more rewarding than a game show host's admiration anyway. 


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