This Man Sings The Same Song In 15 Locations. How Much The Sound Differs Is Shocking.

No artificial reverb added.

Sound is a very relative thing — the same noise can come out great in one setting, terrible in another and completely fade away in a third. That's why acoustics are stressed so much in recording studios, concert halls, big buildings and the like.

In a recent video released by Touché Videoproduktion, Joachim Müllner, aka "the Wikisinger," demonstrates the wide disparity in sound dependent on where it's produced. He sings the same song in 15 different locations, and through some clever editing it becomes clear just how drastically acoustics can affect even the strongest and most clear of voices.


He starts out in a church:

Simple enough. Now take a look at some of the other settings to which the Wikisinger takes his talents:

Locker Room

Partially Open Building

Totally Outdoors

Backyard Mansion

Underground Bunker

Sound Studio


Wind Tunnel

And now for the more trippy stuff:

Triple the Power.

The seven-person solo harmony, a breakthrough in physics.

Split-screen action.

See the full video for yourself below:


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