This Taylor Swift Fan Lost 400 Pounds, But He Couldn't Have Done It Without Her Help

The power of pop music.

In high school, Ronnie Brower struggled with his weight, so much so that he had to sit at the back of the classroom using two desks. Years later, as he teetered on the scale at a dangerous 675 pounds, his doctor told him he wouldn't live past 35 if he didn't make changes to his lifestyle. Determined to lose weight, Brower, an avid Taylor Swift fan, shed some 425 pounds with the help of her music.

Brower's old high school teacher, Joe Bufano, was the driving force behind his drastic transformation according to, reaching out to personal trainers to help Brower lose weight. The 30-year-old began exercising and eating healthier and credited Swift's music with helping him push forward. 

The results, as documented on his Facebook page, 600 lbs to Success, are stunning: Brower lost over 425 pounds in 714 days


But he also couldn't have done it without Bufano, who fulfilled his promise to buy them tickets to see the pop star in concert if he achieved his weight loss goal of shaking off 425 pounds. Bufano also took it a step further, recording a video documenting Brower's transformation to ask Swift if she would meet him in person during her Cleveland concert on June 3.


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