Instead Of Sending A Traditional Resume, This Guy Created A Story Snapchat Could Really Appreciate

Touché, sir.

People will come up with just about anything to make their resumes stand out.

Whether you're writing a blatantly honest cover letter, enhancing your text with bright fonts, or even doodling pictures all over your resume just to grab an employer's attention, you've got to unabatedly compete against a highly competitive crowd of applicants.

But with the power of Snapchat, things can be different now.


Therefore, Elski Felson decided to reach out to Snapchat using their own game.

And it's actually completely brilliant. 

Felson took qualities Snapchat wants in its employees and turned them into videos, proving just how qualified he is.

Need someone who can multitask?

Well, Felson can spin a basketball and take a selfie, all while riding a bike along the beach. How's that?

Or how about someone with on-point presentation skills?

I mean, look at that color coordination.

Strong writer? Check.

Balancing a weight and writing at the same time has got to mean you're a strong writer, right?

He's also a "huge graph enthusiast."

Just look at that graph.

So with a perfectly executed Snapchat Story, Felson now has a perfectly executed resume. 

Check out the full video here.

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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