73-Year-Old Says He Punched Bear In The Face To Save His Chihuahua

"Arggghhh! Get outta here, bear!"

“A foothills man came face-to-face with a bear outside of his home…”


That reaction from the CBS Sacramento newscaster should say it all... but let's break this story down anyway.

Meet Carl Moore. The, err, alleged bear puncher.

"The man or beast I run from ain't been born... and its momma is already dead... I ain't running from nothing," Moore told the station.

But why would Moore do such something so courageous?

He wanted save his pet chihuahua, Lacy, or as the ex-Marine put it, "my baby".

You might be asking yourself, how does one go about scaring and then punching a bear? Allow Moore to explain in the video below.

Can't wait till this is autotuned.


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