After Being Told He Eats Kit Kats Wrong, Man Proposes Using A 3D-Printed Kit Kat

"I don't think I've ever proposed before."

Earlier this year, Haley Byrd tweeted a photo of her boyfriend after discovering his inability to follow proper Kit Kat procedure. Although the candy bar's jingle specifically advises consumers to "break me off a piece of that," he bit right into the bar without reservation.


Of course, Evan Wilt's methods immediately went viral, as Twitter users jokingly advised Byrd to dump him for committing this unthinkable crime against chocolate.

Despite the passionate response, Byrd and Wilt remained committed and, as planned, Wilt decided to take their relationship to the next level by proposing marriage. However, before popping the question, Wilt and Hershey came up with a plan to make the moment even sweeter than expected. 

As Wilt told Observer, not only had Hershey sent him and Byrd a care package with printed instructions showing the proper way to eat a Kit Kat, but the company also reached out to him privately with an offer to help if he ever decided to propose. In response, Hershey enlisted the services of Voxel Magic, a 3D printing company, which created a personalized ring box in the shape of a Kit Kat.

Coincidentally, when Wilt got down on one knee to propose at the Jefferson Memorial, he struggled to unwrap the fake Kit Kat bar. 

"I was just standing there watching as he awkwardly opened the bar," Byrd told Observer. "I kept saying 'Are you serious?'"

Thankfully, Wilt eventually emancipated the ring box from its wrapper and asked Byrd to marry him. Byrd, of course, said yes. Ultimately, the Kit Kat debacle was an appropriate precursor to marriage, as Wilt will always appreciate the idea of reading the instructions prior to any major future undertakings.

(H/T: Observer)


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