Man Asks High School Sweetheart To Marry Him On The Last Day Of Chemo And It Was Absolutely Beautiful

They've dated since 2009.

Six years have gone by since Boca Raton, Fla., residents Lucas D'Onofrio and Tamara Bruzzo started dating as high schoolers and they haven't left each other's sides since. Even with Bruzzo's non-Hodgkins lymphoma diagnosis turning their world upside down on Feb. 17, 2015 — D'Onofrio's birthday — their love remains stronger than ever. 

"The beginning was a bit harder as it had hit us so unexpectedly," he told A Plus in an email. "But as the doctor told us the path she would be taking and the process, it was just a matter of time and getting through this thing together."

And now, he'll never have to leave her side. On Bruzzo's last day of chemotherapy, D'Onofrio got down on one knee and proposed in her hospital room filled with red heart balloons and tons of candles. After he asked, Bruzzo broke down and the two embraced.

D'Onofrio says that Bruzzo's strength and positivity during her treatment made the decision a no-brainer:

The fact that she has one of the biggest characteristics in a wife that very few people have.. and that's being strong and supportive no matter what. Throughout the entire chemotherapy she has always had a smile on her face and always a positive attitude, as well as she does whenever I'm going through a problem. No matter the problem, she is always there for me as a rock for support for not just the good times, but the bad ones as well.


After Bruzzo's cancer diagnosis, a GoFundMe page was set up in her honor to cover medical bills. As it stands, she has no medical insurance. 

So far they've raised $4,450 of their $15,000 goal. 

Lots of well-wishes to the happy couple!


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